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Swirl Print Lycra Fabric

Our swirl print lycra fabric will make you feel as if you've stepped into a groovy new world of funky possibilities. Whether you need something to jazz up your wardrobe, add some flair to a work project, or simply want to get creative with something unique, FunkiFabrics has the right lycra stretch fabric for you!

Our swirl prints come in a wide variety of colours and styles; from subtle pastels to bright impact, there's sure to be an eye-catching design that speaks perfectly to your style. Create leggings, gym wear and swimwear with our stretchy lycra fabric. Make some skirts or other apparel. Revel in the joy of self-expression with FunkiFabrics!

Though strong, durable and easy to care for, the softness and flexibility of our marvellous designs are what makes them stand out above other fabrics. Let our colourful patterns bring a touch of whimsy and glee into whatever item it's used for - who said fashion couldn't have personality?

20 Items
Avantgarde Blue & Aqua Hologram Swirl - Foiled Print on Flex

Avantgarde Blue & Aqua Hologram Swirl Flex

SS1101 with Aqua Hologram Swirl
Harlequin Multi & Silver Hologram Swirl - Foiled Print on Flex

Harlequin Multi, Silver Hologram Swirl Flex

FLO110 with Silver Hologram Swirl
Mangusta & Silver Hologram Swirl - Foiled Print on Flex

Mangusta & Silver Hologram Swirled Flex

Mangusta with Silver Hologram Swirl

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