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funkifabrics exists to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent creators who are looking for the perfect fabric for a whole host of different sports, hobbies and projects.

We are called funkifabrics because that’s what we offer our customers! We have a huge collection of unique, eye-catching and totally funki designs to choose from. But don’t worry, those looking for something slightly more subtle are also catered for here.

Established in 2008, we have since gained a reputation as both a leading supplier of stretch fabrics and a company truly dedicated to putting our customers first. How have we gained that reputation? Well, we've done it in many different ways..

Decades of experience

First of all, we are owned by Friedman’s Ltd, a premier supplier of printed fabrics and foil-decorated stretch fabrics, supplying some of the biggest companies in the UK with large wholesale orders. Friedman’s was set up back in 1962, which means our customers can take advantage of a shared team of specialists with expertise and experience developed over decades in the industry, as well as a, quite frankly, huge and unique range of plain, print and foil designs.

Not only that, but we have decided to focus solely on stretch fabrics at funkifabrics. This means our customers can rest assured they'll receive only the very best stretch fabrics created with the highest possible standards in mind.

Unrivalled continuity

We offer continuity that many other suppliers simply can’t match. We are dedicated to investing in the latest technology, and can therefore store each and every one of our designs on an extensive, innovative digital print library. Because we very rarely discontinue any of our prints, you can come back to us for your favourite designs again and again.

Putting you first

Quality and service are the key elements of our business, and that sets us apart from the rest. Why not put us to the test?

Lots of companies say they listen to their customers, but we practise this day in, day out. In fact, many of our most popular lines and prints were created following suggestions from our customers. We wouldn’t be here without you, so we want to make sure your fabrics are perfect.

Designed in the UK, printed in the UK

We have an innovative and creative team of in-house designers based right here in the UK, constantly adding to our library of cutting-edge prints. We are proud to produce our fabrics in the UK - it means we can personally give each order the special care and attention needed to meet your requirements every time.

We look forward to working with you!

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