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Tie Dye Paint Effects

Our psychedelic range of tie dye and paint effect fabrics truly puts the funki into funkifabrics. Choose from our bright and colourful range of abstract, swirling and paint-splattered designs. Our tie dye and paint effect fabrics are extremely diverse and can be used for any project you can imagine. In fact, we often hear of our clients really thinking outside the box, including using our fabrics to cover drones and to decorate prosthetic limbs.

To achieve the luminous colours used for our mind-bending tie dye and paint effect fabrics, we employ a modern printing technique called digital sublimation. This printing process achieves maximum colour yield and amazing detail in all of our products, ensuring that whatever you use our fabric for, you will certainly stand out from the crowd. 

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Spiral Tie Dye Black Red Green - Scalable Printed Stretch Fabric

Spiral Tie Dye Black Red Green Fabric

TS248 Spiral Tie Dye Black Red Green

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