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Funki customer, Australia

amazing fabric and the incredible service!!!

Thank you so, so much for the amazing fabric and the incredible service!!! I am speechless at the efficiency of your service and the lightning fast delivery!  I only put in my order last Friday (effectively one business day ago), all the way from Australia. This is unbelievable... in all of my online shopping lifetime I have never experienced anything like it.  I will definitely be ordering from your website again.  Absolutely incredible (including the range and quality of the fabrics!).  I hadn't expected to receive anything for weeks, which is the usual when ordering something from the UK (or the US) to here in Australia. Keep up the great service, your system definitely works :)
M. Carlton, Baby Accessories, Manchester

best thing is having the ability to change a colour

Funkifabrics are great for diversity in plain and printed fabrics. They offer a huge variety and range of prints, the colours are vivid and there’s so many of them with new designs being introduced all the time. The best thing by far is to have the ability to change a colour or design, this allows me to provide such a bespoke service to my customers and meet their unique needs. The fabrics are easily washable and easy to care for. The hoods that I sew need to have a snug fit so this fabric is perfect! Working with the Funkifabrics team has always been a great experience. From discussing designs, changing prints, collecting fabrics to the excellent customer service that they ALL give. I wouldn’t have such a successful business if they were not a part of it!
Z.Sutcliffe, Dancewear, Manchester

fabrics are top class

We have used Funkifabrics for several years now. Funkifabrics have a massive selection of fabrics, their prices are very competitive but the quality of the fabrics are top class. We are a very fast paced business and often need fabrics in a hurry or large amounts and the staff at Funkifabrics always go above and beyond to help. We are often approached by other suppliers but none are able to match FunkiFabrics on price, choice, quality or customer service.
D.Craddock, Drone Covers, USA

service is top notch

I have been using Funkifabrics for over a year now and I must say that their product aswell  as service is top notch. Our company takes a lot of pride in the product that we sell, so it's extremely important that the fabric product we useis the highest quality. Funkifabrics have a huge and unique selection of designs which gives us the flexibility we need for our product. I can also say with confidence that every time we order from Funkifabrics, we receive the fabric very fast. They ship your order out quick. Their customer service is very quick to respond to any questions that I may have, which means a whole lot to me. Overall I would say that we are very pleased with every purchase from Funkifabrics.  Keep up the awesome work guys.  
K.Drysdale, Dancewear, Essex

fantastic and efficient service

 Thank you to everybody at Funki Fabrics for the fantastic and efficient service we always receive from you. The staff are so helpful and have helped us meet very quick deadlines on a number of occasions. Without the huge range of designs, colours and fabrics, we would not be able to create the dance costumes we do, which in turn has given us a very successful business!! We and all of our customers get so excited when we mention there are new designs available which always results in lots of new costumes!!!
V.Rees, Surrey

Extremely happy

We are extremely happy with the service provided to us by Funki Fabrics. We are a small company who make bespoke bikinis, trunks and leggings for fitness competitions and we need a company whose products are of the highest quality.  Funki Fabrics meets this requirement and their range of fabric choices is superb.