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Fiona Ombre Circle Ice Skating Skirt- How To Guide

By FunkiFabrics, 21 June 2024

Posted in Sewing

How to sew your ombré circle fabrics.


  • Chosen pattern
  • Chosen fabrics
  • Pattern tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Tape Measure
  • Paper Scissors
  • Removable Pen/Chalk
  • Pattern Weights
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Basting Spray 505
  • Your Usual Sewing Haberdashery Items.


The circle size (SS3005CM) is suitable to use up to a Jalie size S and comes with a side panel that can be used for either sleeves and/or the bodice overlay mesh. You will need 2 meters of this fabric and your base Lycra to create a two-layer skirted leotard/dress.

The circle size (SS3006CM) skirt is suitable for bigger sizes and longer-length skirts. You will need 3 meters i.e. two panels, to create a two-layer skirt, your base Lycra fabric and some matching printed linear ombré mesh for sleeves and bodice overlay. The matching printed mesh can be single or mirror depending on your design.

For both designs, you can have the base Lycra printed in a matching ombré. This gives a deep, intense ombré. You can also choose a plain Lycra and overly the mesh to create your desired look. This gives you many options for your design. Spend some time working out your design, how much fabric you need, and where you plan to place the ombré.

To make your skating dress you will need:

  • Lycra base fabric, (if you're not having a matching printed base ombré fabric) choose a base lycra to match your color at the Center of the circle.
  • 2 meters of the circle with side panel or for bigger/longer skirts the larger circle panels, 2 panels = 3 meters.
  • Depending on the size and design you may need some plain matching mesh in your base Lycra colour or a mirror or single ombré mesh.
  • Make your pattern pieces from your chosen pattern.
  • Trace off your skirt pattern pieces as full pieces making sure you have enough paper to fold the pattern along the fold line, to do this, trace off your pattern pieces that are cut on the fold, then fold the paper along the ‘fold’ line and cut. You will then have full size pattern pieces. This makes it easier to see just where the gradient will fall.
  • The printed ombré circles are designed to be used with a circle skirt that has no side seams. But you can choose just how you want it to work in your design. This may require more fabric, so we recommend using it for a circle skirt to start with.
  • Start by laying out your circle print fabric flat on a surface.

NOTE: The circles have a Center point cross to make finding the exact center point with ease.

  • Lay on your full-size skirt pattern on top of the fabric circle, using the Centre point as a guide to position the pattern.
  • Your skirt back pattern will be longer than the front, so take this into account when positioning the pattern piece. Using the removable pen/chalk, mark where you will cut the hem line.
  • Remove the pattern piece and check you are happy with where the ombré shading is positioned. -Cut out skirts.
  • Depending on your design, use the side panels to make your sleeves from it or as the overlay fabric for your bodice.
  • To overlay the bodice Lycra with the ombré mesh, place it over the Lycra and check visually just where you get the closest match. If you can, pin vertically on a mannequin as this really helps.
  • Once you have decided just where you want it, mark the ombré mesh key points with your chalk, ie where you will place the shoulders. Spray the bodice with 505 spray and lay the printed ombré mesh on top of the bodice piece. Carefully remove any wrinkles. Is much easier to do with 2 people holding the mesh gently taut.
  • Replete for the back.

Learn more from Fiona about the importance of ombre prints in ice skating... click here


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