Guide To Prosthetic Limb Covers

Many years ago it used to be the case that prosthetic limbs were something to cover up and hide; not so nowadays! Prosthetic limbs should be shown off with pride, and one way to make them feel a bit more ‘you’ is to invest in a prosthetic leg or arm cover. People all over the world, from those born without certain limbs to those who may have lost limbs later in life, are choosing to customise their prosthetic limbs to add a touch of personality and individuality to their appearance.

What Are Prosthetic Limb Covers?

When a person is fitted with a prosthetic limb, leg or otherwise, the appearance can be quite mechanical and unappealing. While the technology is fantastic, the appearance isn’t always to the users taste. As a result, we often get requests for fabric for prosthetic leg covers. 

A prosthetic leg cover is a piece of fabric that can be fitted around the prosthesis to change the appearance. We’ve had many requests for prosthetic leg cover fabric over the years, and usually the requests are for bright and bold patterns that reflect the wearer’s personality!

Other Prosthetic Limb Covers

While we are mostly tasked with providing fabric for prosthetic leg covers, it’s perfectly possible to provide fabric for prosthetic arm covers too if required!

How Are Prosthetic Leg Covers Fitted?

Fitting a prosthetic leg cover is quite a simple process. We’ll provide the fabric in a colour, print or pattern you like, then the fabric will be placed around the joint and laminated to the prosthesis by a prosthetic limb cover specialist. The stretch in our fabric will allow it to fit and stay easily around your prosthetic leg.

Why Choose A Prosthetic Leg Cover?

Whatever the reason for the necessity of a prosthetic leg, it can be difficult to come to terms with daily life wearing a prosthesis. A prosthetic leg cover that you’ve customised can build confidence in letting your prosthetic limb show, particularly in children. 

As children grow, they will require dozens of limbs. Being able to change their prosthetic leg cover to feature their favourite cartoons and superheroes using our printed fabric can go a long way in making them feel comfortable with their prosthesis. We even offer bespoke colour and scale services to help produce the exact designs they have in mind!

Comfort is also a key consideration when choosing a prosthetic limb cover. Many companies who produce prosthetic leg wraps use vinyl, which does little to change the feel of the prosthesis. With our prosthetic leg cover fabric, you can invest in soft prosthetic leg covering fabric to enhance the comfort of your prosthetic leg as well as the appearance. 

What Do Prosthetic Leg Covers Look Like?

Struggling to picture what your prosthetic leg cover might look like? No problem. We’ve had many happy customers over the years that are enjoying their prosthetic covers made from our fabric, take a look at our gallery below for some inspiration as to what your prosthetic leg skin cover could look like!

How Funkifabrics Can Help

We want to help you feel as comfortable as possible with your prosthetic limbs, so when it comes to producing fabric for prosthetic leg covers, we want to ensure that you get a fabric that you’re truly happy with. We offer a broad range of printed fabrics in a selection of different colours, patterns and prints for you to choose from, and if you really can’t find one you’re happy with, we’ll even create a bespoke design to suit your needs.

With our Colour Me service, you can customise the colourways of a wide variety of prints and patterns which are then printed onto our high-quality Lycra fabric, printed here in the UK. Our Scale Me service allows you to scale designs up or down to suit the size of the required fabric, which again is then printed onto our high-quality Lycra fabric for you to use as a prosthetic leg cover.

If you think we can help you find the perfect fabric for your prosthetic limb cover, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements here at Funkifabrics.

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