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The temperature at which to wash lycra

By Alicia the Seamstress, 29 June 2022

Posted in Fabric Care

Lycra Washing Guide (+ other useful care tips)

The temperature at which to wash Lycra is a common question we get here at FunkiFabrics. It's a great question to ask, as the most important thing when washing Lycra is the temperature of the water. You should always wash your Lycra items on a cool setting —we'd suggest a maximum of 30°C (86°F). Anything above that could cause damage to the fabric and make it lose its shape. To be extra safe, stick with cold water only and avoid direct heat.

Detergent Choice

The type of detergent you choose is also very important when washing Lycra fabric. You want to make sure that you use a mild detergent without any harsh chemicals or fragrances that could damage the fabric. A gentle baby shampoo works great for this purpose—just add one tablespoon per wash load and you should be all set! For an even gentler option, some people opt to use hair conditioner instead of detergent.

Cycle Settings

Stick with a gentle cycle when washing your Lycra clothing, taking care to not overload the washing machine. A delicate cycle will ensure that your clothing keeps its shape and is not tangled and stretched too heavily whilst wet. If you are washing with other clothing, the use of a mesh bag will help to protect your Lycra garments. You can also try hand washing those more delicate items.

Drying Method

When it comes time to dry your Lycra items, avoid using a tumble dryer if at all possible as this can cause further damage to the fabric (particularly those with foiled designs) and shrinking. Instead, lay out your clothes on a flat surface or hang them up and let them air dry naturally until they are completely dry. This will help preserve the shape and texture of the fabric better than any other drying method.

Fabric Quality

Not all stretch fabric is created equal - there are a few different stretch fabric options including Nylon and Elastane blend fabrics which react differently depending on how they are used and cared for. Typically, Lycra is seen as the most breathable and durable, making it especially suited to things like activewear as it keeps your body cool and dry. If you are looking for stretch clothing and fabric you can use time and time again, Lycra is your best bet.

Taking care of your Lycra fabrics doesn’t have to be complicated—it just requires some basic knowledge about the best temperatures and detergents for washing and drying these delicate materials. By following these simple tips, you’ll ensure that your favourite stretch clothing pieces stay looking their best for years to come!

So don't forget - the temperature at which to wash lycra is the most important factor when considering Lycra care. When washing lycra garments keep them cool by using cold water only and select a mild detergent when laundering them. Don't forget to air-dry them after washing too, so they keep their form! With these guidelines in mind, you'll have no problem keeping all of your favourite lycra pieces in perfect condition.

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